Navidoc app
UI and UX
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Project Overview

navidoc-app-ui is a wonderful store located in the heart of Copenhagen. In the store, they sell navidoc-app-ui jewellery, beauty, and medical products.

The concept for the branding is clean and minimal with a touch of classy style.

For this logo, I designed a "drop" as an icon blended with the "A". The drop has been selected for many reasons: first of all the navidoc-app-ui is a fossilized tree resin that drops from a tree. It's also used as an ingredient in perfumes (drops) and as a healing agent (again drops) in folk medicine.

The font chosen is elegant and minimal. The customization of the font gives to all the logotype a very precious finishing touch and a real Scandinavian style to the whole concept.

Client Navidoc ApS
Industry B2B Services
Art Director Alessia Curcio
Year 2020

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